Thursday, April 11, 2013

Kitchen Love

Here I am thinking it's Wednesday, but it's actually Thursday. Wishful thinking, probably, as I have a couple of looming deadlines. Oh well!  Hope your week is going smoothly.

A few months ago, I shot a spring brunch story for BC Home and Garden, and it's on the cover of this month's issue. Thought I'd share some of the kitchen with you. I loved it. The shoot was styled by Maureen Willick and recipe by Susan Minton-Green, art director.

If I was super tidy (or even just tidy), I would have a lovely floating shelf too. 

I would love to have a seating nook like this one, with all the extra hidden storage.  

For the whole story, and recipe, click here

Have a good day! Back soon.


Rosa @ Flutter Flutter said...

What a lovely space! Congrats on the cover Janis! :)

PinkPanthress said...

What kind of windows are these in the image with the floating shelve & how would I opoen them? -Okay, I guess I will never understand canadian windows. :S

I, too, love that seating nook, though I would probably use it to read all weekend instead of having breakfast there.

Thank you for the linkage & as said above... Congrats on the cover, dear!

P.S.: A great weekend to you!

Pinecone Camp said...

Thanks Rosa! The homeowners were so sweet and easy to work with.

Pink Panthress, I see what you're saying ;) The windows were still easy to open, trust me!

Heather Cameron said...

ah, at last I see the story! I'll look for the cover. It looks beautiful and I love what Maureen did. I want those mugs!

lisaroyhandbags said...

What a great kitchen! I just love all of those windows that bounce light around and make it feel so fresh. xo

Donna said...

What a beautiful kitchen! I love the storage space with the round table. Such a great use of a small space.

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Ooh, great space! Love that floating shelf! Just saw your feature in Style at Home too...another fab family home!

Vintage Home said...

oh wow! so bright & tree houseish!
Love the floating shelf! said...

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