Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A Few Days in Paris

Ah, Paris. I can't believe I had never been there before. To be honest, it hadn't been at the top of my list (weird), now I can't wait to go back. We only had a few days to explore, and these were some of my favourite moments...

The green chairs sprinkled all over the Jardin des Tuileries was a pretty fantastic sight. If it was this beautiful in February, and can't imagine what it's like in summer. 

Centre Pompidou was incredible. We checked out the Dali exhibit along with everything else it had to offer, including the beautiful restaurant. 

Love the various styles of "metro" signs and the seats in our station. 

Part of the Merci concept shop, Merci Cantine served up one of our favourite meals. 

My new shop crush: Merci. This concept shop is the best I've seen. They offer new and vintage furniture, kitchen ware, fashion, flowers and heaps more. The story behind Merci, makes me love it more. The profits go to various organizations benefiting children living in poverty. Pretty incredible. 

Would love to know some of your favourite spots in Paris. Do you have a favourite place to stay? I have to start compiling my list for next time! 

Have a great day everyone! 


Vanessa Uttaro said...

Gorgeous! I can't wait until I get a chance to visit, too. :)

Vintage Home said...

ah...living vicariously threw your stunning photos!

Meesh @ I Dream of Chairs said...

And then there is Paris... le sigh. So happy you made it to Merci! I want to go back so bad. I've heard you keep wanting to go back again and again and again. I can believe it.

Amy Walters said...

Aah! I am in love. I've only been to Paris once and it was when I was still in high school...so the experience was much less 'glamourous' and a lot more 'economical'. But wow....it looks so much more beautiful than I remember it. I just love travelling with you via this blog.

Jan Halvarson said...

merci - i didn't know about their charity - how wonderful.

beautiful shots - love those green chairs!

Lily from Birch + Bird said...

Gorgeous! I've been to Paris twice (when I was 18 and again at 21) and have been dying to go back ever since. These pictures are amazing...thanks so much for sharing!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Oh I know! Once you've been, you can't wait to get back there. Even during our cool, drizzly week there in November, it was still magical. Summer is lovely. There's a beautiful photo around every corner. I love your shots {as usual!} xo

Alicia Lauhon said...

Beautiful photos! You've captured Paris well.

Hege said...

I love your photos! Looks like a fab trip! Makes me want to go back too. hx

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh wow, so glad you went. for me as well, because now that you're itching to go back, i cant wait to see more of your gorgeous images of my fave city! : )


Pinecone Camp said...

Vanessa, you'll love it. That city has amazing energy!

Meesh, Merci was definitely one of my favourite bits about our short stay.

Amy, you'll appreciate it even more, I'm sure, as a big girl. ;)

Natasha In Oz said...

Stunning pictures!!! We were there in December and I can't wait to go back. I've even started learning French for my next visit. Wish my photos were as divine as yours!

Best wishes,
Natasha in Oz

elisa said...

gorgeous. i was lucky to travel there regularly when we lived in england, i adore it. there's so much that i love - we'll have to have coffee and talk! xx

Julie122324 said...

Isnt Paris wonderful!!! Couldnt pick a favourite it was all so wonderful!! Loved hanging out with Monet and DiVinci though. Awesome!!

nestingjournal said...

having so much fun getting caught on your blog with these lovely paris shots. you captured it so well. merci sounds amaze! like abs home in nyc but better? one of my fave museums in paris is the roden house. it is off the beaten path, intimate, full of amazing light and sculptures.thanks for sharing!

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