Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Observations

It really can snow in Vancouver. A chilly shot from an early morning walk, before the rain set in. Bye Snow.

A vintage Chinese restaurant soup bowl, makes a cute vase. 

Now for a Sunday link....I love Perch by Amy Perch. Her etsy shop is fantastic.

That's what I observed this Sunday. What about you?

Back soon!


Felicity said...

In my pocket of the world there was heat, ice-blocks, hammock time and a gentle breeze in the evening.

Our hibiscus blooms around the pool are glorious and we had a little Kingfisher come and greet us.

All in all a blissful day,

Felicity x

Vintage Home said...

OH pretty the glad its gone!
Beautiful images!

Dawn said...

Well...I observed lots of snow. And wind and more snow. But I got to see it all while flying over fields with my cross country skis:) So it was no matter:)))
Have a wonderful new week!

lyndsay said...

oh yes.. i woke up to the puffy piles of quiet white snow covering our backyard... then hours later, warm rain to slush it all away... make up your mind, vancouver! ^__^

Novi On The Go said...

It was nice to have a quiet walk this snowy morning, even better to return to a warm home and brownies. :) Thank you for the Perch link, I really like her hanging birds, so cute. Have a lovely week!

lisaroyhandbags said...

Great pics- love the little floral arrangement! I observed that there are a lot of non-nationals in Dubai and the local women have the best designer bags! :)

Lady Grey said...

I wish Montreal snow was as fleeting as yours!
It does look beautiful at first though.


the snow looks so lovely - from afar !!

Shannon @ What's Up Whimsy said...

I LOVE Perch...but didn't know they had an Etsy site! I have been wanting her bird pendant lamps for so long!

Pinecone Camp said...

Lisa, I love your Dubai "observations".

Felicity, I'm a touch envious of your lack of snow. Lucky you!

Shannon and Novi, aren't those birds the cutest? I also love the rabbit vessel and the plant hanger.

Jenn said...

Oh wow, that vintage bowl is beautiful ... especially with the flowers! :)

Emma at The Marion House Book said...

Wow - that is a lot of snow for Vancouver - especially this time of year. We had more of the same in Toronto but today the rain washed it all away!

c and d said...

thanks for sharing that etsy link - very cute!
and sunday observations? that i get more excited about the oscars than i like to admit (and feel somewhat empty and disappointed after), that vancouverites fortunately still like to walk in the snow, and unfortunately, that vancouverites are mostly bad drivers in the snow...and should probably stick to walking.

le@thirdontheright said...

oh my I love Amy's work - totally divine and fresh and fun and organic shapes - shame the post to Aust kills me :) le xox

Diana said...

That snow was terrible and slushy and a big mess! My Sunday ended up pretty terribly and vomity, and it wasn't even because of alcohol!

I love the dragons on that soup bowl and that awesome rabbit vessel!

Pooch Purple Reign said...

sunday hmmm ... PEI was just recovering from a storm and talk of yet another. they are big on 90km winds here :)
i spent sunday reminiscing about the week before. my youngest daughter came to visit while on reading week from U of waterloo.
we had so much fun
~laura xx

Jan | Poppytalk said...

That's a great wintery shot! Looks so retro. And i love perch too!