Friday, May 21, 2010

NYC and Ace Hotel has comfy beds

They also have guitars. At least they had one in our room, which we took turns playing after a late night out. I only know two chords, so I'm not sure what I was doing. 

Ace Hotel is quite a cool place. It's near the Flatiron building. Fantastic lobby/lounge, lots of taxidermy (sorry, I know that bothers some people), and incredibly comfortable beds and pillows. That's huge for me. Love the hallways, and the light box suite numbers. The only thing "off" was their coffee, but there are plenty of other places to get that.

Table in our room, guitar in background, room key card, front lobby, flower stand, room 607

Comfy bed with fab screen print canvas, bandages for my feet, lounge/lobby, stuffed birds

While in NYC, we went to "an evening with Eames Demetrios (Charles and Ray Eames' grandson), at ABC Carpet and Home. We could only stay for a bit, but it was a great panel of Brooklyn designers. I took a few pics of the 2nd floor of ABC as that's where the event was held. Eames talked about Powers of 10, a short film his grandparents did in 1977. I've seen it a number of times and love it. If you haven't seen it, you should check it out. Click here.

Vintage Italian ceiling lamp, Eames Demitrios (on right), simple vignette

The Arne Jacobsen egg chair, random milling around, patchwork egg chairs by Tal R

We found a great little show called Model Citizens Show. Some interesting jewelry, art, and this stuffed, faceless doll. I decided this was going to be my souvenir of this NY trip, as I couldn't shop much with a looming computer purchase or repair.

A few sights of a truly spectacular city. Didn't have much time to sight see, but caught a few images before we left.

I love the water towers dotted around the tops of buildings. 

If you're in NY, you have to check out this place. Make a reservation at La Esquina. You go through the diner to a secret spot in the basement. Fantastic food and a great crowd. 

As part of the ICFF, Green Point Works set up some of their cute Acapulco chairs on the back of a truck. I adore these and would love a few for our back yard. I have a thing for back yard chairs.

Not sure what was happening here, but it was set up in the meat packing district. I had a couple of drinks by this point. 

A couple of views of the Standard Hotel. An absolutely stunning mid-century building.

A lovely random place to rest blistered feet, Tom Sachs Hello Kitty sculpture at Lever House, another lovely resting spot.

ICFF opening party at the MoMA.

Little Italy. 

That's it for New York. Do you have favourite restaurants, shops, galleries to go to when in NYC? Please share! 
Happy Friday everyone. See you for Baked On Monday # 5 (I think)!



Ingenious ! Have a lovely weekend !

considered design said...

Oh I am so jealous about you staying at the Ace in NYC. Looks amazing!

koralee said...

I adore NYC...thanks for sharing some memories I have of this lovely city. being not such a lovely poor feet. New Yorkers must have the toughest feet in the world. xoxoxo

c and d said...

*sigh, i wish i could take pictures like good. makes me ache to want to go back to nyc. thank you for sharing, kinda feels like rubbing it in... but thanks anyway!

considered design said...

There is something about the Ace group of hotels that is just 'right'. Dont know what it is and I know they are painfully trendy but f*ck me they are cool. The NY one looks amazing, thanks for sharing your fantastic as ever photos J.

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

oh wow, thanks for sharing this! i'm playing/toying with ideas about a trip to NYC sometime in the not too distant future.

that hotel looks amazing! and i love the water towers too.

arvi said...

two chords, no need for more in NY. the photos are dandy candy for the eye, mind, heart & soul. they inspire, thank you for sharing. arvi

Irene b said...

thanks for sharing! I'll love to visit that incredible city ...

PinkPanthress said...

This Ace Hotel looks like a fab place to stay at! :) (except maybe for the dead animals 'hanging around')

Have a nice³ Weekend! :D

passport in my pocket said...

Glad you had a great visit to my city!! :) Your photos came out beautiful. I'll have to check out that hotel.

The Zhush said...

WOW! I just loved seeing my favorite city thru your hit upon many, many of my faves! Including marveling over the water towers on top of the buildings...classic NYC!

Missing Goat said...

please take me next time. sigh

jan said...

2 chords? i think you'd do well in our punk band, want to join? you just need to learn one more.

: )

your pics are always so awesome - loved seeing ny through your eyes!

S and O said...

Mmmmm, Really cool post, I love the pictures there so beautiful and slightly exciting :D


Jennifer@nicolejanehome said...

How did that woman stay upright in those black boots at MOMA? Incredible. Mark and I are heading to NYC in August. It's such a great place and can't wait to see it again. I think I'm most excited about seeing a Yankee games--beer & hot dogs, come to momma!

Sophie said...

i'm moving to NY on Saturday for the summer :) so excited

nkp said...

Aaaah, thanks for the virtual vacation. I love NY like no other. The Ace is at the top of my list of next places to stay. The flower stand just sealed the deal. Check out The Jane Hotel. I just came across them and they have a great looking site and a really interesting concept. Also, I rarely miss a visit to De Vera on Crosby street. It's an amazing treasure of a shop, sort of indescribable. And Pearl River Mart is always fun to visit.

Love your images!

{little.happy.things} said...

Glad to see you had a good time in NYC! Hope you will have time to visit Brooklyn next time!

Stephanie said...

Your hotel looks amazing. Love all of the color in your pictures!

Diana said...

New York if fantastic! I love the photo of the water tower! Next time I'm there, I'm for sure going to a "speakeasy" (I heard of one where you go into a phone booth in a corner store and have to dial a certain number to get downstairs).

Lindsay Cannon said...

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Jake said...

I'll be staying at the tribeca hotel next month, so Im pretty excited about that!