Monday, August 31, 2009

Budget Happiness

Garage sales and flea markets can be fabulous for retail therapy, especially when trying to curb your spending (ouch).  Obviously, I didn’t need any of this things but this shopping trip was a nice treat! For a total of about $45 I found, besides happiness, a pair of 60’s chairs, vintage souvenir cushion, Enid Collins wood “purse”, RCMP toffee tin, and a second hand Ikea small storage box.  

I’ve always preferred a mix of vintage with new(ish). Rob’s the same way, thankfully.  It’s great to be able to reuse and repurpose bits from the past.

 With a bit of vintage wallpaper, I changed the drawer fronts on the Ikea storage box.  It now houses printer paper, stationary, and postage stamps.  I think it looks rather happy now!


Instead of digging around for nail polish and emery boards, I can now find all my nail supplies in my Enid Collins “purse”. 


I love vintage RCMP souvenirs. The colours of this tin are fantastic. This toffee tin is now perfect storage for paper clips. 


Ahh, the chair. It might not look overly comfortable, but it really is.  We actually bought two of them.  The cushion cover is a map of “Canada’s Western Playground”.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Not Much of a Gardener

Just got home from a long day of shooting product. Back hurts from my improper photography stance. To make myself feel better, I'm eating some Missing Goat cardamom peach jam all by itself, right out of the jar. Wow. It's quite incredible.  

I've mentioned that I'm not much of a gardener, and either is my husband. When the Mayor of Vancouver, Gregor Robertson, decided that city hall needed a community garden, I thought we should have one too.  I discovered it is not an easy project (for us anyway!). 

We have a tiny back yard, so the vegetable patch is really tiny. When I planted two scrawny, and almost dead, tomato plants I had no idea they would grow so tall.  They are as tall as me, when I pick up a branch (is that the correct terminology?) from the ground.  I didn't provide any support for these poor tomato plants, but they still seem to be doing ok as there are heaps of pear tomatoes all over it.  It's a tangled mess though.  Beets and carrots look like they might eventually become edible too.  Fingers crossed. 

I took a couple of quick shots of the city hall garden, and a few from our garden.  Any helpful gardening tips would be welcomed! 

A beet, isn't it?

A tangled mess of pear tomatoes

Vancouver City Hall community garden

Renee, tending her garden at City Hall

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Take a real coffee break

Just have to wonder....
Why do some people rush around with take away coffee, take that coffee into change rooms, spill that coffee, leave it there so the next person can come in slip and splash around in it? Why?
Why do some people actually go through a drive-thru to get their coffee? I've never understood this. Could someone explain this to me? Am I missing out on something?
I love coffee. I love cafe culture. We do have a little of that here in Vancouver, but not quite like some cities. Drinking coffee out of paper cups tastes terrible, in my opinion. Take a 15 minute coffee break in a cafe. A real cafe. You know what I mean. You would love it.
I've attached some fun and relaxing coffee breaks of the past.....

The Ladies

I finally listed my small series of ladies on etsy.  Check out my shop and let me know what you think!
I used to collect lady head vases.  They're the only girly thing in the house, really.  I shot one of them at my mom's house as she had some good props.  She thought I said she had some "crap" and was offended at first.  Mom did help me with some stellar light reflecting.  
Off to another afternoon of shooting....and it's sunny! 

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding

Elvis still has it. Saw him play last night, at Malkin Bowl in Stanley Park. Beautiful venue, fantastic show! Check out the review - Elvis Costello and The Sugarcanes a summer highlight.

I've been working on a series of images that I'm quite excited about. They'll be for sale on Etsy starting tomorrow (August 26th). Been a fan of Etsy for ages, but this is the first time I'll be selling my wares.

Off to a shoot, so I must fly. Until tomorrow I've attached some pics of Vancouver that I shot recently. This city is truly beautiful.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Habit Rises From the Ashes

Well, maybe not quite ashes but lots of thick black smoke.  Habit, located at 2610 Main Street, was almost destroyed by fire, last December.  It's been a lengthy journey, but Habit is set to re-open in a few weeks.  I popped in to take a look at the progress and took a couple of pics.  The owners, Wendy, David, Rob, Nigel and Nick, have been feverishly working on the new look and menu along with chef Tristan.  It's a whole new Habit - can't wait!  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Welcome to Pinecone Camp

Where did that name come from, you wonder?  Growing up in beautiful British Columbia my family would go camping, every summer, at Monck Park in Merritt BC. Happy memories.
Bone dry park, a smattering of pine trees, sub-zero Nicola Lake and a carpet of huge pine cones.  Oh and, of course, chipmunks.  The smell of pine is very comforting, and pine cones have to be one of the most perfect designs ever created.  
I work as a photographer, shooting mostly lifestyle and interiors for various magazines.  Love great design and, sometimes, not so great design!  In future posts, I hope to bring you bits of B.C. and beyond, fantastic people doing fantastic things, my own projects and, hopefully, some inspiration.  
Until next time, here is my dream road trip vehicle - an Airstream. It's been parked at a shut down car lot, looking sad and lonely. Am I being too much of a menace to earth by wanting to pull this around the country?   I recycle and and make my own cleaning products.Does that help?