Monday, August 31, 2009

Budget Happiness

Garage sales and flea markets can be fabulous for retail therapy, especially when trying to curb your spending (ouch).  Obviously, I didn’t need any of this things but this shopping trip was a nice treat! For a total of about $45 I found, besides happiness, a pair of 60’s chairs, vintage souvenir cushion, Enid Collins wood “purse”, RCMP toffee tin, and a second hand Ikea small storage box.  

I’ve always preferred a mix of vintage with new(ish). Rob’s the same way, thankfully.  It’s great to be able to reuse and repurpose bits from the past.

 With a bit of vintage wallpaper, I changed the drawer fronts on the Ikea storage box.  It now houses printer paper, stationary, and postage stamps.  I think it looks rather happy now!


Instead of digging around for nail polish and emery boards, I can now find all my nail supplies in my Enid Collins “purse”. 


I love vintage RCMP souvenirs. The colours of this tin are fantastic. This toffee tin is now perfect storage for paper clips. 


Ahh, the chair. It might not look overly comfortable, but it really is.  We actually bought two of them.  The cushion cover is a map of “Canada’s Western Playground”.



kate said...

great finds! very rarely do i ever have such luck. (or opportunity......) i love that rcmp tin.

Colleen said...

...kinda wish I had found the RCMP tin...but happy for you to give it a great home & a job!

bluehydrangea said...

You did good!! The wallpaper totally makes that storage box!! And the chairs? Love them!!